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How To Get A Happy And Healthy Body

How many of us wish that we could lose a bit more weight? How many of us wish that we were more toned? How many of us feel guilty after eating? Pretty much everyone has bit of themselves that they are desperate to change. We spend hours of our lives putting ourselves down, but is that good for us? Of course its not! 
Inspired by a my visit to Fare Healthy yesterday; especially the talk James Duigan (founder of Bodyism and my complete idol) gave, I want to share what I think the recipe to a happy and healthy body is.
1. Being kind to yourself – This is the most important thing. If you do not learn to love and respect yourself, how can you expect to be happy in your own skin? So you have wobbly thighs? So what! Learn to love every imperfection that you have, and I can assure you that positive changes will start to happen. Being kind to yourself also means nourishing your body. Feed yourself with proper food – not refined and processed crap. 

2. Move your body – Exercise! But no, I do not mean punish yourself. Pick something that works for you and mixes in elements of cardio, resistance and flexibility. A balanced exercise programme that isn’t too harsh on your body will help you to achieve sustainable results. 

3. Spend less time on social media – Ironic I know, as you have probably viewed this through social media. However, I know far too many people that spend hours comparing themselves to these seemingly perfect people (you know what I mean, all those girl crushes!) Remember, people only share the good things about their lives, and you do not know how much truth the pictures show. 

4. Relax – My final pointer on being more healthy and happy is chilling out! We live hectic and crazy lives that puts a hell of a lot of pressure on us. How often do we release all of this tension that builds up? Not often enough! We stress about everything, but most of the time it is better to just let go and think positively. 

It is not an easy journey, sometimes it takes a while to change habits of a lifetime, but that is what makes it all the more worth while and satisfying. Worry less and live more. 

Have a happy Monday! 

EK x

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