Happiness, Health


The world we live in is full of stress and pressure. Perfectionism is pushed upon us and this can create a lot of negative feelings. It is hard to appreciate the beauty in life when you are carrying high expectations on your shoulders. 

We promise ourselves happiness once we have reached our goals. But what about now? Why can’t we be happy with what we already have? Aiming high is not bad, it can be a wonderful thing, as long as we enjoy the process of ‘achieving’. Don’t lose sight of what really matters in life, material goods will not necessarily bring you joy. When taking on new things, weigh up your current situation. Will it mean less time with your loved ones? Will it mean less time for yourself? Decide whether or not it is worth adding extra stress to your life. Remember, there isn’t any shame in saying no, especially if it is in order to take care of yourself. We all deserve a happy life, do not get squashed by the pressure of today’s world, be grateful for what you already have. 

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