Happiness, Health

Start Living

Often we take the small things in life for granted. We are so wrapped up in our jobs, we have our heads buried in our phones, we avoid conversations and we are too busy worrying about tomorrow. A lot of us have forgotten what LIVING really is. 

Open your eyes. Instead of waiting for that message, or looking at that pretty picture on Instagram, look up and realise the beauty that is already surrounding you. Say yes to spontaneous things, push your boundaries and explore what life outside of your comfort zone is like. If you hate your job, quit. (Obviously think that one through first, but life is too short to be miserable). Spend more time alone and get to know yourself better. Be grateful for everything. Do the things that you love, no matter how rediculous they are. Let nobodies judgement hinder your life, be proud to be you. Wear whatever you want to wear. Listen to whatever music you want to listen to. Explore the world and adventure. Lay under the starts and make up stupid stories. Be silly, laugh and love. Always be honest, to yourself, and to others. Learn to let go and live in the moment. 

Make your dreams come true, nothing is impossible.  

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