Happiness, Travel

Indonesia – Sumatra

Different smells, unusual sounds, breathtaking experiences, amazing people, questionable hygiene, new food, volcano hikes, jungle treks, monkeys, elephants, lizards, bed bugs, long bus journeys, poorly tummies, squat toilets, millions of bottles of water, beautiful boat journeys, sleeping in the middle of the jungle, creepy haunted rooms, 30 minute workouts, loads of fun, tonnes of laughter, and so many mixed emotions. The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. Coming away on my own has already opened my eyes to so many things, but I know there is still so much more to come. 

In all honesty I have found the first 14 days pretty challenging. People tell you that travelling is amazing and wonderful, and it is, very much so. However, when you take a girl that’s used to routine, working out daily, eating healthily and being close to her family – it is quite a challenge. Coming away on your own pushes you in ways I didn’t expect, but that is why I decided to go. Nothing can prepare you for certain things, but it is a fantastic experience. 

I’m currently writing this sitting in my hotel room in Jakarta. Sumatra has been such an incredible adventure, but I am very excited about heading to Bali tomorrow. I have a yoga retreat booked and I’m ready to spend a lot of time on the beaches!! I’ve spent the last two weeks with a great bunch of people, and without them it wouldn’t have been the same. 
Time for the next part of my adventure! 

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