Happiness, Health, Travel

Week 3

3 weeks into my adventure and I am feeling the happiest I have ever felt. Bali is incredible. After 2 weeks in remote Sumatra, I have finally found my peaceful place and fallen in love with travelling. It sounds cliche, I know, but people aren’t lying when they say that travelling is the best thing that you will ever do. 

Coming away has made me realise and learn so much. We really do not need material things to be content. We do not need to scrutinise ourselves so much. We do not need compare our lives to others. We do not need things to make us happy. It’s the people and experiences that we have in life that decipher how ‘good’ our lives are. Ok, I didn’t need to come half way around the world to realise that, I was aware of all of that at home. However, I did need to put myself in challenging situations and shove myself out of my comfort zone to REALLY understand these things.

We put immense pressure on ourselves in far too many aspects of our lives. Before I came away I was way too hard on myself in terms of diet and exercise, where as here, I am gradually really learning to find balance with that. I have also decided to delete my Instagram account as for me it was a time waster and a fake reflection of my life. Every time I scrolled through the feed I would be subcontiously comparing myself to thousands of people instead of focusing on how good my life already is. 

I’m slowly starting to really connect with what I truly love and enjoy. A simple life is by far a happier life for me. Everyone is different, but realising what matters to you is one of the best feelings in the world. 

I have 3 more weeks left to explore Bali and the surrounding islands and then I am heading to the Philippines. Very grateful and lucky to be on my little adventure! 

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