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My Adventure 

I’m writing this whilst sat on the most beautiful beach that I have discovered. White sand surrounds me and clear blue water laps at my feet. I’m sat under a palm tree on a little towel with only a few other beach goers joining me in this tiny paradise. All sounds so cliche and idilic doesn’t it! 

My adventure is about to come to an end, I have a few days left in Vietnam before I make my journey home. At the beginning of my travels I decided not to put a time span on how long my trip would be, I said that I would come home when I was ready to. A few weeks ago I decided that that time was coming soon so I hopped online and booked some flights! (I have also run out of money, but we shan’t worry about that!)

The truth is, I have realised how amazing my family and friends are. How much I love my home and how much it all means to me. I love routine and a certain amount of stability, so travelling long term, at the moment, is not for me. When I think of home I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness, and personally I think that I am incredibly lucky to feel like that. 

Now that is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed travelling. I have had THE best experience of my life. I have gained some very special friends, I have seen some extremely wonderful places, I’ve eaten amazing food, I have stayed in lovely places and I have developed hugely as a person. I have achieved so much more than I expected to and learnt a huge amount about myself and the world, and that is all that I set out to do. 

I have had the privilege of traveling with new friends, old friend and alone. All of which have been amazing experiences. Those of you close to me know that at times I struggled being alone, but on reflection the time I spent alone was probably the most precious. There is something very magical about having the world to yourself. Yes, it brings up problems, but you have to solve those issues and as a result you become stronger. Travelling with others is a much more comfortable and easy experience, and I definitely had the most fun during those times. But I am lucky to have experienced both ways of travelling! 

I am excited to be coming home, a little sad to be drawing an end to this adventure, but I know that there will be so many more to come. I have a bank of incredible memories stored away in my head and that is the most special thing. When people say that travelling is the best thing you’ll ever do, they aren’t lying. You may not ‘find yourself’, but you’ll definitely ‘find out’ a lot. 

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