Self Belief 

One of the first motivational books that I read was ‘The Secret’. The message that book carried has stuck with me ever since. 

Each and everyone of us has aspirations, dreams and hopes. But most of us believe that those things will never become a reality. This is something that I have never quite understood. We are the only ones that put limits on our lives. 

This relates to so many aspects in life. Especially when it comes to training and nutrition. We can all dream of shedding some fat, gaining some muscle or whatever your goal is. But the bottom line is, if we don’t believe that we are actually capable of achieving it, we won’t. 

Now there are many reasons for this lack of belief that we have, and everyone’s reason is different. However, in order to achieve goals we must stop listening to that negative voice we have in our minds. It is imperative that we change our mindset and start saying that ‘we can’. Of course things don’t happen over night, the paths to our goals are very bumpy and take a lot of hard work. There are bound to be frustrating times and ups and downs. But once we start approaching life with a more positive mind, more positive things start to happen.

Ok, yes I know it sounds cliche and a bit cheesy, but it really does work. Once we stop telling ourselves that there are limits on our achievements, dreams actually start to become a reality. So start believing in yourself a bit more! 

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