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Does Stress Equal Success? 

We like to make life complicated. But why?

Why is stress seen as success? Why is drama seen as excitement? Why is working long hours looked upon as being more productive? Why don’t we ever switch off? 

Exhaustion has become fashionable and being ‘busy’ is everybody’s default setting. 

The problem with sauntering through life like this is that we are actually missing out LIVING. Being constantly stressed can have detrimental effects on our health and wellbeing. Not only that, we also miss out on some of the most magical moments. The best times in life often happen when we slow down, be fully present and absorb what is happening. Who said that we have to be stressed and miserable in order to be successful? Does that really equal happiness? 

Stress is not always our enemy, it can be beneficial. It can boost productivity and it can drive us forward. However, being self aware is key to managing stress levels. Learning when it’s time to take a back seat is so important. Your body and mind will thank you for it, and so will those around you. 

Everyone is different. We all enjoy varied things, so there is never going to be a generic recipe for relaxing and de-stressing, but it is crucial to tune in and find out what works for you. Take time for yourself, your loved ones and for the things that you enjoy the most. Never feel guilty for being selfish when it comes to slowing down and respecting what your body needs. Respect others when they make that decision too. 

Mediation, yoga, cooking, reading, exercise and spending quality time with my friends and family are just some of the ways that I deal with stress, but your list will probably be completely different! Whatever it is that brings your joy, do more of it! 

Be kind to yourself! 

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