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Start Being Happy

How many times have you heard someone, or even yourself, say ‘I’ll be happy when.. X, Y or Z happens’? 
How often have you heard someone, or yourself, say ‘I wish X, Y, Z would happen’? 

(Obviously changing the X Y Z part, that would be weird if someone actually spoke that cryptically). 

My point is, so many of us put off happiness, so many of us put our dreams on hold. We wait for things to happen in a specific order, hoping that these ‘things’ will bring us joy, but the reality is – we already have everything that we need. 

Happiness isn’t about what materialistic objects we have. It isn’t about how in love with your partner you are. It isn’t about how together your life is. Happiness comes from within you. Now I know this all might sound a bit airy fairy. Obviously sometimes life throws you some real troublesome times – but you CAN still find happiness through those times. 

Accepting yourself, and accepting life for what it is can really help you on your journey to happiness. Not everything has to be perfect for you to feel content. Knowing that things maybe aren’t as good as they could be, but accepting that will surprisingly make you feel a lot better. The moment that we stop putting so much pressure on our lives is the moment that life seems to get a little bit easier. 

If we are always looking to others for acceptance, love and reassurance we are missing the point. We have all of those things inside of us. Having the courage to follow your gut instinct is important. Being self aware and strong is different to being arrogant. Learning to love and respect yourself is one of the most valuable lessons in life that you will learn. All of these things help you to realise that we are responsible for our own feelings and, of course, our happiness. 

If we are constantly focusing on the negatives, or at least what we perceive to be negative, how can we expect anything good to happen? It’s no secret that like attracts like – negativity attracts negativity, just like positivity attracts more positivity. Again, yes, it may sound like nonsense but trust me, it’s true. We all spend so much time complaining and moaning, we are just drawing our focus and attention to all the bad shit in our lives. If we flipped that mentality on its head and focused more on the good, not only would we attract more good, we would start to let more happiness in. 

Start being kind to yourself. Start accepting life. Start showing yourself and others a bit more love. And start realising that we can be happy NOW. 

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