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The Things That Make You Feel Alive 

You know all of the things that truly make you feel alive. The things that make your heart race with excitement. The things that can’t help but make you grin from ear to ear. The things that ignite that fire in your belly. The things that bring you pure joy and happiness. The things that make you feel like you. Yep, all of those things – you NEED to do more of them.

We live incredibly busy lives nowadays. Work takes up hours of our days, life admin builds and builds and lets face it – social media procrastination is part of our daily routine. As I’ve discussed in a previous blog – being busy is seen as being productive and successful, but we all know deep down that it isn’t really the case. 

We all have a lot of pressure on us; be that from financial situations, or from social expectations. But too many of us just accept that and settle. We settle for jobs that make us unhappy, we settle for relationships that aren’t really what we want, we settle in the situations that we have built for ourselves – situations we know aren’t right for us. Why is this the case?

Some situations in life cannot be avoided, but we must accept responsibility and create the best from the hand that we have been dealt. Change creates fear amongst us, the unknown makes us uneasy. I cannot stress enough how important it is to accept and welcome change into our lives. If we stop viewing it as a negative thing, change will bring plenty of positives. So will self belief, having the confidence in yourself to follow your gut feelings and follow your dreams will also only create positive situations. 

The point I am trying to make is that why spend 90% of your life doing things that make you unhappy? Life isn’t supposed to be something that we dread. Life is a gift that we need to make the most of. We need to make changes in order to better our lives. We need to think selfishly at times (whilst remaining kind and considerate to others). We need to make time for the things that make us truly feel alive and joyful- no matter what those things are and no matter what others think. 

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is the best thing that ever happened to you. Stay true to yourself, welcome the changes that life brings and learn the lessons that come along with them. Create your happiness. 

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