Start Living

Often we take the small things in life for granted. We are so wrapped up in our jobs, we have our heads buried in our phones, we avoid conversations and we are too busy worrying about tomorrow. A lot of us have forgotten what LIVING really is. 

Open your eyes. Instead of waiting for that message, or looking at that pretty picture on Instagram, look up and realise the beauty that is already surrounding you. Say yes to spontaneous things, push your boundaries and explore what life outside of your comfort zone is like. If you hate your job, quit. (Obviously think that one through first, but life is too short to be miserable). Spend more time alone and get to know yourself better. Be grateful for everything. Do the things that you love, no matter how rediculous they are. Let nobodies judgement hinder your life, be proud to be you. Wear whatever you want to wear. Listen to whatever music you want to listen to. Explore the world and adventure. Lay under the starts and make up stupid stories. Be silly, laugh and love. Always be honest, to yourself, and to others. Learn to let go and live in the moment. 

Make your dreams come true, nothing is impossible.  


Switch Off

We all need time to ourselves. We need time to relax and rest. Take a step back from your busy life and enjoy time by yourself. Discover what calms you and do more of it! However, this does not mean spending hours on our phones or computers, it means really ‘switching off’. The world will still go round if you take longer than an hour to reply to a message. 

Learn to connect with yourself again. Let go of the need to always be available. You’ll be surprised how nice it feels to be silent for a while. Find comfort and peace from within, not from others. Read a book, do some writing, go for a walk, listen to some music – make time for whatever it is that helps you to switch off. 


The greatest gift you can give to somebody is your honesty. Being honest does not mean being nasty or hurting people’s feelings, it can come from a place of kindness. It is crucial that you always stay true to yourself. When you embrace who you are, you can stride blissfully along your path. Honesty sets us free.

When we lie to others we are not only fooling them, but we are fooling ourselves. The truth may not always be the easiest option, but it is so important for self development and growth. The way in which we deliver our honesty determines how it effects the feelings of others. Remember to show empathy and be mindful of people’s emotions. Never be scared of an honest opinion. 

Choose Happy

Being positive takes practice. So many ‘bad’ things happen in the world and if you’re not careful you can get dragged down. You have to make the choice to look at life slightly differently. When something terrible happens, search for the good that has come from it. You learn so much when things go wrong, and that is very valuable. There is no denying that sometimes life can seem like it is out to get you, but that is only the case if you decide to see it that way and give into that.

Seeing positives from negative situations helps you to live a happier life. It enables you to let go easier and move forward on your path. That’s not to say that you should just breeze through life ignoring all of the horrible things and people. You must always be aware, just do not dwell. Choose to see things from a different perspective, we all deserve to live a more positive life. 


The world we live in is full of stress and pressure. Perfectionism is pushed upon us and this can create a lot of negative feelings. It is hard to appreciate the beauty in life when you are carrying high expectations on your shoulders. 

We promise ourselves happiness once we have reached our goals. But what about now? Why can’t we be happy with what we already have? Aiming high is not bad, it can be a wonderful thing, as long as we enjoy the process of ‘achieving’. Don’t lose sight of what really matters in life, material goods will not necessarily bring you joy. When taking on new things, weigh up your current situation. Will it mean less time with your loved ones? Will it mean less time for yourself? Decide whether or not it is worth adding extra stress to your life. Remember, there isn’t any shame in saying no, especially if it is in order to take care of yourself. We all deserve a happy life, do not get squashed by the pressure of today’s world, be grateful for what you already have. 

People In Our Lives 

Our relationships with others can help or hinder our lives. Family, friends and lovers all have a huge impact on our day to day lives. Some people bring you sunshine, others can bring big dark clouds. The way in which we handle our relationships is down to us. 

First of all you must accept that you cannot control the other person. Their thoughts and actions are down to them, so respect that. The people you love may act in confusing ways. More often than not, it is because they have found themselves on a difficult path. Always remember to empathise and show compassion, no matter how difficult that can be. If somebody in your life is bringing a large amount of negativity to you, and you find that it is starting to really bring you down, there is nothing wrong with distancing yourself. Do what you need to do to make you feel good; not out of spitefulness but out of kindness. Always be mindful of the way you treat those around you, you may have a bigger impact on their lives than you think. Cherish every person that has helped you on your journey. 

The Blame Game

We cannot go through life blaming others, we have to take responsibility for our own actions and accept the outcomes. Passing the blame onto someone else solves nothing, and it will catch up with you eventually. 

If we have done wrong, or if someone else has made a fault, nothing good will come from pointing the finger of blame. Hold your hands up and admit when you have slipped up, empathise when others make the wrong decision, apologise if you need to, then move on. Let go of your ego. You aren’t supposed to be right all the time, mistakes help us to learn valuable lessons. 


The most poignant moments of our lives happen outside of our comfort zones. It can be scary to push ourselves into the unknown, but it is vital that we do. It is the spontaneous choices we make that teach us the most. That isn’t to say that we should act impulsively, just that maybe we should live more freely. 

Excitement and adventure develop our minds in magical ways. The path that looks a little rough and bumpy is often more rewarding and fun than the safely paved concrete path. Push your boundaries, act on your gut instinct and say yes to the opportunities that come your way. What’s the worst that can happen? 

The Law of Attraction

Every person, every situation, every event in our lives, good or bad, has been drawn to us for a reason. Our thoughts influence our actions, therefore influencing what happens in our lives. The law of attraction is extremely powerful. You attract what you emit into the universe. The more negative thoughts you have, the more ‘bad luck’ you will have. However, when you start to think and act in a more positive way, you attract more positive outcomes. 

Be open to this, ask for what you want, and watch it come to you. It may not straight away, you may need to learn many lessons first. Ultimately the universe sends you what you want, but sometimes the reality of what you want can come with other baggage. This is just another form of attraction. You are attracting the lessons that you need to learn, and they are crucial for your journey forward.

Be Present 

How often are we thinking ahead to the future or looking back to past? How long do we spend distracting ourselves from reality with technology? Many of us rarely live in the moment. It is a skill that needs to be practiced and developed. We are constantly wondering how we can make things better, or wishing that things were how they used to be. However, when doing that we completely lose focus on the only thing we can loosely control – the present moment. 

We do not have a time machine that can take us back, nor can we see into the future. There is no need to worry about things you cannot control. Immerse yourself in the present and give your whole self to the people that surround you. You’ll be surprised how great it feels to give someone your full attention. Appreciate the time you have with others, whether is it enjoyable or not. Put the phones away and start to live and love life.