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The Things That Make You Feel Alive 

You know all of the things that truly make you feel alive. The things that make your heart race with excitement. The things that can't help but make you grin from ear to ear. The things that ignite that fire in your belly. The things that bring you pure joy and happiness. The things that… Continue reading The Things That Make You Feel Alive 

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My Adventure 

I'm writing this whilst sat on the most beautiful beach that I have discovered. White sand surrounds me and clear blue water laps at my feet. I'm sat under a palm tree on a little towel with only a few other beach goers joining me in this tiny paradise. All sounds so cliche and idilic… Continue reading My Adventure 

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Indonesia – Sumatra

Different smells, unusual sounds, breathtaking experiences, amazing people, questionable hygiene, new food, volcano hikes, jungle treks, monkeys, elephants, lizards, bed bugs, long bus journeys, poorly tummies, squat toilets, millions of bottles of water, beautiful boat journeys, sleeping in the middle of the jungle, creepy haunted rooms, 30 minute workouts, loads of fun, tonnes of laughter,… Continue reading Indonesia – Sumatra