These guides have been created to help you get started on your journey quickly! We all know how hard it is to create new habits, so these little booklets help you to get yourself going and keep you accountable. 

The Guide


Want to work on your happiness and health? This guide has everything you need to help you embark on your fitness journey. Whether you are a beginner or in need of a little more motivation this guide will help you to goal set, understand a little more about yourself and understand a bit more about food. A 1-week exercise program is also included. 

The Food Guide


Food is arguably one the most confusing things too grasp when it comes to weight loss. This guide helps you to understand a bit more about what the food you are eating is made up of, how to set calorie goals and it gives you some recipe ideas. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or difficult!

The Home Workout Guide


Together, Charles Millard Fitness and I have created a 15 week home workout plan. With minimal equipment needed it is suitable for all fitness levels. You really don’t need a gym to make progress!

The Recipe Book


Believe it or not, food is the part that EVERYONE finds the hardest when trying to change habits. But it doesn’t need to be complicated, boring or unenjoyable!

The Weekly Health Planner

£10 – Plus £2 postage

Take control of your meals, exercise and goals each week with this handy desk pad. Plan the week ahead to help you stay on track! 

If you are local and able to pick this up from me directly, please click the ‘collect’ button as you will not need to pay for postage.