Happiness, Health

And Breathe…

What do you do to relax? 

Do you sit with your phone clutched in your hand, scrolling through your news feeds whilst watching the TV? 

Or do you take yourself outside with nothing but your thoughts?

The truth is many of us find it so hard to really relax. If we can’t even manage to switch off our phones, how can we expect to switch off from our stressful lives? Most of our time is spent rushing around, working and looking at screens – don’t even get me started on the amount of time we spend worrying about things. Our lives are far more hectic than they need to be. Social media swallows up our free time as we feel we must check up on the world, but why aren’t we focusing on ourselves instead?

Rest is crucial for the body and the mind. I am not suggesting you sit with your legs crossed, palms on your knees and your eyes closed, but I am suggesting that a few times a week you take some time out to slow down and de-stress. To be able to completely disconnect with the world is a skill, a skill that not many of us have. However, practice makes perfect. Make an effort to do something that you love (WITHOUT YOUR PHONE)! Whether that is with the people you love, or on your own, make sure it is something that helps you to forget about the stress of everyday life. 

Enjoy life! 


EK x

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