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Happiness Project

A while ago I decided to do some writing. I set myself the task of writing something everyday for a month. For me, there is something incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable about scribbling words on a page. For everybody else it is probably slightly annoying as they have to put up with me reading it out or asking if what I’ve written sounds ok. But anyway, my aim after that month was to post what I had written up on my blog in daily snippets (small snippets, don’t worry, I won’t bore you too much). So after months of putting it off here is the first instalment!
I have called it the Happiness Project as that is what it was for me.


The first step on your path towards happiness is learning to be kinder to yourself. We tend to be so hard on ourselves about all sorts of things, but this only harbours negative thoughts, often leading to negative actions.

Leave the past behind you. Stop beating yourself up about silly things. If you aren’t proud of certain events in your life, learn from them. We all make mistakes and it is important to recognise when we have slipped up. But in order to move forward, we need to forgive ourselves and others. Most things in life don’t go as planned, so let go of the idea of how our lives ‘should be’ and how you ‘should be’ and just accept things for what they are. 

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