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At the beginning of the year we often feel like we get a fresh start. We all make our New Years resolutions, often pretty generic ones, and we go full speed ahead into January. We are motivated to kick those bad habits and create new healthy ones. We pound the treadmills and cycle to work, we ‘detox’ for a month, we spend less money, basically we do all those sensible things that we know we should be doing, or not doing.

But the question is, do these things make us happy? Are we just putting unneeded pressure on ourselves? Are we hating every second of our resolutions? Is the Cookie Monster inside of us about to explode and eat the whole kitchen?

Of course it’s great to get healthy, I would never discourage that! But you HAVE to make sure you pick something you love doing and you have to do it without being so hard on yourself.

The most important thing in life, for me, is happiness. We believe that the new year is a chance to start again, but in reality we get this chance every single day.

Throughout our lives bad things happen to us, we all fuck up (excuse my language), people hurt us, things don’t happen the way we wish they did, we make stupid decisions. In short we spend too much time dwelling on things that have happened, or things we want to happen instead of just living in the moment and enjoying life. Everything in life happens to teach us something and help us on our journey.

So be grateful. Learn the lessons that life is trying to teach you. Do things because YOU want to do them and do them because you love yourself the most. Use everyday as a chance to better yourself and grow.

Here’s to a great life, not just a great 2016.

EK x

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