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A Little Update 

Since the beginning of May I have been following a stricter diet and training plan. I wanted to see how hard I could push myself and what results I could get. This challenge is not just about what physical changes I can make, it is about pushing myself mentally too. Since travelling I felt like I needed a bit more motivation and structure to my life and this, along with a new job has given me exactly that. 

Now, I have made it no secret that in the past my relationship with food as struggled. During my teens I was obsessed with losing weight and became very unhealthy, which only lead to binge eating in my late teens and early twenties. Up until last year I still struggled with binge eating at times, especially during stressful and emotional times, but it was far less frequent. 

I have always been scared of counting macros or tracking what I eat as I know that as a 15/16 year old I got too wrapped up in a horrible cycle of eating less and less. However, over the past few years of working in the fitness industry and working ona lot of self development I felt like I wanted to give it ago. Before I started I made sure that I asked myself the relevant questions. Why do I want to do this? Will this be a healthy approach for me? Do I know when to stop? And then I asked all of those questions again, and again. 

For me, as this challenge is about so much more than just aesthetics I am giving it ago and throwing myself into it, and so far it has been great. I feel amazing. I haven’t lost any weight which is good, but I can see my body changing. I feel focused on my training, excited to train as I can feel myself getting stronger and fitter. I feel focused at work too. I have had good days and bad days, but that is normal. And I haven’t stuck to the plan 100%, because I am human and I love chocolate. When my life is organised and has a bit of structure to it, I thrive, and for a while it has lacked that. 

Be really clear when goal setting. Make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Do it for YOU, not for others. Yes, use others as motivation, but focus on your own journey. Try not to set goals revolving around unhealthy beliefs or views of yourself. Set yourself realistic goals and be kind to yourself!

This also applies to anyone that helps with goal setting, for example personal trainers. You’re job is to help others achieve THEIR goals, not your goals for them. On many occasions you will make recommendations for your clients and guide them towards a certain goal, for example, postural or nutritional. But be patient when training someone and getting to the real reason they want to achieve certain things. Make sure everything you do is to benefit them. 

I will be writing a little more about exactly what I have been doing over the past month training/diet wise next week, just to bore you all. Have a good day! 

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